What We Do

We, at Strategic Mail Group, will Move the Mirror on your Existing ROI.  Why?

We Have (3) Success Proven Direct Mail Offers:

Service Mailers

Your Service Department is an Indispensable Part of dealership income; thus, this mailer is a blockbuster way to boost your revenue.  Moreover, the Service Department is building relationships with that customer each time their vehicle is serviced.  This is an essential tool that results in customer retention!   Customer Retention is Your Win-Win!

Promotional Flyers

Strategic Mail Group offers distinct presentational flyers or mailers for all sales events, dealership announcements or staffed events. Although email and SMS may have surpassed physical mail as the most common method to send messages, more than 187 million pieces of first-class mail are delivered by the United States Postal Service each day.  FACT:  Americans still enjoy checking their mail, according to 2022 Gallup Poll. You WILL RECEIVE a Success Driven ROI Result when Partnering with Strategic Mail Group.  “Where Strategy Meets Success.” Welcome to the Family.


This type Direct Mail Delivers your future customer to your showroom!  It has innovative cutting-edge concepts and designs.  Coupled with accurate demographical target prospects in a favorable position to purchase or trade. In fact, Conquest Direct Mail is a Superb Strategy in Increasing Your Used Car Inventory! Simply stated, “It’s a Win-Win for BOOSTING Your ROI with Confidence!”



The average household receives ONLY two direct mail pieces a day compared to 157 e-mails (USPS Household Diary Study)

36% of people under the age of 30 look forward to checking their mailboxes every day (Gallup)

70% of consumers prefer traditional mail when it comes to unsolicited offer (Direct Marketing Association)

70% of consumers find reading mail more useful than going online (USPS Household Diary Study)

92% of the Y generation say they enjoy reading print marketing more than digital ads (Gallup poll)

Direct mail has a more significant emotional impact than digital ads

70% of people say direct mail feels more personal than the Internet (Epsilon)

48% of people retain direct mail for future reference (DMR)

All age groups are interested in direct mail, and 92% of millennials have been influenced to make a purchasing decision by direct mail (National Mortgage Professional Magazine)

For every $167 spent on direct mail in the US, marketers sell $2095 in goods (1.255% return) (PRINT IS BIG)

The average direct mail response rate sent to former customers is 18.4% (USPS Household Diary Study), which is important because merely a 5% increase in retention yields profit increases of 25-95% (Small Business Trends)

Direct mail boosted ROI by 20% when it was part of an integrated campaign (The Little Book of Bigger Returns)

Affluent households prefer receiving direct mail over email (Sourcelink)


Hosted Events is our expertise!  Combine Strategic Mail Group’s Standard of Excellence Direct Mail Campaign Event with Jason as your Host, results in $$$ Money in the Bank!!  The Hosted Event is your choice if you’ve got confidence in your Desk Manager and Sales Team.  You receive all the bells and whistles with less out of pocket, in comparison to our Fully Staffed Events.  Of course, many companies will not fully disclose this fact.  However, truly that is what is unique about Strategic Mail Group.  We are interested in building relationships versus landing one campaign event.    Your Hosted Event easily brings 100 UPS a Day for YOUR Team to benefit versus our Staffed Professionals.   A Fact.

How does a Strategic Mail Campaign Work?

The first step of any effective automobile marketing campaign is getting potential customers off the couch and into your dealership. Generating high volume quality traffic is essential to automotive marketing success.

A showroom full of people provide:

  • More sales opportunities
  • It also creates an exciting and energetic environment
  • Create a “buying frenzy”

Atmosphere is the key to high-impact strategic campaigns.  We at Strategic Mail Group are YOUR Partners in this Campaign Event. We all make up this team.

My goal Today is to PREPARE YOU for the Traffic.  YOU are the KEY to Success at this Campaign Event.  Yes, we are living in a time of never-ending explosive technology, absolutely! However, the basic fact is this in Automotive Marketing:

The face-to-face interaction between YOU and the CUSTOMER IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF CAR MARKETING. You are that important! I’m here Today to Prepare YOU for Success!