Who We Are


There are numerous Direct Mail – Staffed Event Companies. Google will readily bring up many in the search engine function. However, with Strategic Mail Group there are significant differences. First, the fact Jason has been in the chair you’re in. Jason knows the importance and measures it takes, to raise the ROI. Experience Matters. Know how is critical. Jason has both! Second difference, Jason has that proven knowledge base that delivers to your Team. Motivation is Contagious.  Vince Lombardi had an infamous Quote – “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work!” Jason has that “commitment” and when partnering with Strategic Mail Group, that “commitment” produces a Win-Win Event Campaign. As stated, “there are significant differences between Strategic Mail Group and competitors” Not mere words! Fact. Experience the excellence with Strategic Mail Group. Where Strategy meets Success!

Owner Writeup

“A brief testimonial about myself. I started decades ago. My First Up was at Superior in Ontario. I learned by hard work how to succeed. I’ve been Right where YOU are. So, YES, by experience I can teach you HOW to Make this Campaign a Success. Remove Why from your speech. Replace it with HOW. How do I make the most Money?”

-Jason Roberts